MINER hosting

Miner Housing / Hosting for your machines

Let your machines run with us, save your time and money.

How is it with us?

Electricity from 0.06EUR / KWh

No entry fees

Perfect cooling

VAT invoicing

Regular maintenance of Cryptosic

Remote Access


All server rooms are in areas with a security system, in addition, there is also a camera system inside the server rooms.

We determine the monthly consumption of the device according to its instantaneous power input, which we measure with a wattmeter before signing the contract. The device is measured at an ambient temperature of 36 degrees which simulates the summer season.

The invoice is always issued at the beginning of the month for the previous month period. With a larger amount of HW, we can require a monthly payment in advance or a refundable deposit.

You service the device yourself or you can leave it to us. Kromě placeného servisu je možno zdarma nechat technikem vaše stroje restartovat nebo provést počáteční diagnostiku a to v době kdy má k vaším zařízením výjezd.

In person at the place where the machines will be connected or by sending them to a central.

Complete care for electricity supply connectivity and cooling. Any other causes of machine malfunctions are the responsibility of the clients.

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