Crypto farms

What can we help with

cryptocurrency mining

New turnkey crypto farm

Farm optimization

Optimization of existing farms for greater efficiency power / we work with GPU and ASIC miners

We design and calculate

We will design a suitable setup with regard to future market development, we will calculate the ROI of the project

Financial optimization

Cost optimization where to buy components how to finance them report and draw subsidies

How does it work?

Analysis and research

We will find out the possibilities, goals and ideas of the investor. Current state of difficulty in the network + future outlook and planned development of HW

Design and planning

Thanks to the data, we will design a suitable solution. Proper setup, cooling design, monetization design into fiat currencies, etc.

Assembly and operation

We provide complete logistics, installation and commissioning of the crypto farm. We train any staff and monitor the operation


Yes, it is one way to improve the investment economy. We cooperate with a company experienced in this branch of subsidy management.

The tools are more among the most fundamental include the creation of the company’s costs by purchasing machines to the data center / farm and its subsequent operation as a cost. Another may be European grant funds.

Its given by the cost-benefit ratio. Above all, it is necessary to ensure professional know-how in the field of mining and cheap electricity. In general, it can be said that the appreciation is at least 20-25% per year with the pessimistic development of the difficulty in the network.

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