Crypto Mining Services

Crypto mining services is our main priority. Cryptocurrency represent a revolution in the field of money functioning as such, so it is important to integrate into this ecosystem and start using the benefits of cryptos in practice. We’d like to help you with everything, it’s important to create information and operational knowledge before others.

Consultation about cryptocurrency

  • Principle of functioning of crypto
  • Use in practice
  • Trading
  • Investment portfolio
  • Experience from practice
  • Tips and tricks

Crypto mining solutions

  • Suppling and commissioning of mining equipment
  • Housing for mining equipment around Central Europe
  • Maintenance and supervision of mining equipment
  • Initial training for using of cryptocurrencies

Other crypto services Hardware

  • Graphic Cards
  • Asic miners
  • Mining motherboards, PSU
  • Adapters
  • Mnining racks/frames
  • Mining containers

Hardware tuning to minimize power consumption and maximize hashrate output

  • Bios flashing
  • Overcloking
  • System optimisation

Supervision and maintenance

  • 24h monitoring
  • remote supervision
  • Reporting