About us

Experts from Cryptosic Technology help people navigate in he world of cryptocurrency and point out the opportunities this new area offers especially cryptocurrency mining.

In this respect, mining is one of the largest and most stable opportunities. And why?

The value of your investment is constantly under your control, or in your own hands, in the form of purchased hardware that benefits you.

Cryptocurrency mining advantage is  that we can immediately exchange the extracted cryptocurrency to dollars or the euro, and thus avoid the risk of speculation on the rise or fall of its value like at trading investments.

Disadvantages may be the absence of technological know-how in this area, but there are already many companies of long-standing experts on the issue. And with this solution we come. Cryptocurrency mining for individual investors  is our main value.

We are longtime experts on the issue of mining cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. We will be happy to advise you and show you how to do it. Furthermore thanks to our location we have access to cheap sources of electricity which is very important to maximise to profits.